Yerevan /Mediamax/. Mediamax presented its “Movement 1988/25” book devoted to the 25th anniversary of the Karabakh Movement.

Медиамакс презентовал книгу «Движение 1988/25»

The book is based on the project of the same name which was available on Mediamax‘s site in February-March 2013.

“Karabakh-Telecom” Company is the general sponsor of the internet project and book.

Some of the heroes of the book, Chairman of the Public Council of Armenia Vazgen Manukyan, journalists Anna Israyelyan and Tigran Hakobyan, attended the presentation held in Mediamax‘s office today.

Vazgen Manukyan noted that Karabakh Movement has deep roots dating back to 60s, the first demonstrations held in Armenia.

According to Vazgen Manukyan, the major role of the Karabakh Movement was to serve an example for other Soviet Union republics and particularly Baltic countries.

“The people in Armenia dropped caution. When the Soviet army entered Yerevan, we were afraid people wouldn’t take to streets any more. But even more people came to the rally next day”, said Vazgen Manukyan.

“As for our people, we didn’t have such unity and never gathered around such a big dream. If we used the energy we used to have at that time we would have made more success”, said Vazgen Manukyan.

Journalist Anna Israyelyan  noted that the value of the book is that the Karabakh Movement is considered in all the perspectives – both from the viewpoints of its leaders and participants.

“The Movement was the most joyous period of my life. While I was being interviewed by Mediamax, I expressed my doubt that I would have similar sensations but I saw something of that kind this summer when people helped each other demonstrating against the transport fare rise. They transported strangers for free and fought for the sake but not against something”, said Anna Israyelyan.

Journalist Tigran Hakobyan noted that it’s still early to give objective and extensive assessment to the Karabakh Movement as only little time passed.

“But I am convinced the legend of the Movement shouldn’t die as it’s something sacral”, said Tigran Hakobyan. He also expressed the confidence that the achievements of the Movement are more than its losses.

Director of Mediamax Ara Tadevosyan said that “in spite of all the technological changes journalism is still a research about people”.

“In this sense, the project and book gave an exclusive opportunity to talk and get to know people who started something that changed everyone’s lives 25 years ago. What we have today started back in 1988 – both the good and bad. I hope the book will help study our modern history,  especially young people who didn’t see what was going on 25 years ago”, noted the Director of Mediamax.

The book comprises 22 stories told by people who were involved in the Movement – both in Yerevan and Artsakh.

“Movement 1988/25” book is available in Noyan Tapan, Bookinist and Artbridge bookstores. The book costs AMD 2100.

Photo from Vazgen Manukyan’s website.

Members of the “Karabakh” committee

Photo from Vazgen Manukyan’s website.

Photo from Vazgen Manukyan’s website.

Photo from Vazgen Manukyan’s website.


Photo from Vazgen Manukyan’s website.

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