Konstantin Zatulin responded to Vazgen Manukyan’s letter


Konstantin Zatulin’s letter to Vazgen Manukyan, Chairman of the “Karabakh” Committee, First Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, Minister of Defense of the Republic of Armenia (1992-1993)

Dear Vazgen Mikayelovich,

I cannot but answer your letter (https://ankakh.com/ru/article/154839).

It doesn’t matter whether it is open or not, in any case your letter refers to the most precious thing – my belief regarding the relations between the Russian and Armenian peoples.

Those two Christian nations have suffered much throughout their history. And like Christ, they continue to suffer. For hundreds of years we have been together in times of joy and sorrow. But now, both with us and with you, people are gaining weight for whom it doesn’t matter.

You reproach Russia for the fact that its behavior, starting from 2020, “does not correspond to the concept of an “ally”, you consider that the withdrawal of our armed forces from Karabakh “puts the last dot on the i”. It is a foreign letter, it is not in our alphabets. Of course, you know that I and my associates in Russia at least did not want such an ending to our peacekeeping operation in Karabakh. But the departure of first the Armenians and then the Russians from Karabakh, after everything that happened from 2020 and especially in 2022-2023, was predetermined.

This is a bitter truth. And I don’t want to list the reasons and occasions in a brief letter, repeating you and adding mine. The Griboyedovs and Baghramyans did not appear at the right time in the right place. I could also counter your rebuke of today’s Russia by reprimanding today’s Armenia, but I don’t want to.

I want to save what is left in the relations between our peoples, so that they do not become victims of the policies of states and governments.

I am not the one to tell you what is happening in politics. But don’t rush to bury hope, don’t question my faith and yours. it is the guarantee of the future of Armenia and Russia.

I expect, as always, your understanding.

With respect,

Konstantin Zatulin

Member of the State Duma of Russia, who has never been Prime Minister and Minister of Defense

Let’s remind that yesterday Vazgen Manukyan sent a letter to Konstantin Zatulin. The letter stated:

Dear Konstantin Feodory,

The withdrawal of Russian armed forces from Karabakh was the last point.

Even taking into account Russia’s problems with Ukraine, even taking into account that the leader of Armenia is an inadequate person, Russia’s behavior since 2020, in my opinion, does not correspond to the concept of “ally”.

Regardless of how the battle in Ukraine ends, Russia has already lost a more important war for you here, showing the world the “reliability” of the alliance with Russia, opening the way and inspiring the pan-Turkist movement, which is destructive for both us and Russia.

The first domino has already fallen.

I am writing to you with a heavy heart, as a true patriot of your country and as a loyal friend of Armenia, who understands the consequences of what happened in Karabakh.

With respect,

Head of “Karabakh” committee

First Prime Minister of Armenia (1990-91)

Minister of Defense of Armenia (1992-93)

Vazgen Manukyan