Armenia betrayed the trust of the people of Artsakh. Our compatriots. For a long time we will not be able to shake this shame

Greetings, dear compatriots. The generations after us are going to remember us with shame. In my time, Armenia abandoned Artsakh.
Armenia betrayed the trust of the people of Artsakh. Our compatriots. For a long time we will not be able to shake this shame. They will forget Nikol’s name, but they will remember that there was a crime committed by Armenia. And that stain is on everyone.
Should we live like this, with no dignity?
If something like this happened two hundred years ago, no one would be talking in parliament. They would take their swords and they would confront their rulers.
Nikol is going to resign 100%. No matter what it takes. We are trying to take the first step in a legitimate way. Before the society explodes. That is why we need this to happen as soon as possible.
I do not understand the MPs that do not put down their mandate. Nikol betrayed everyone. He turned them all into traitors.
Our committee is offering a plan. Of course, among the public there are many different opinions on how this should be done. But regardless of everyone’s political leanings, they are fighting for the country’s dignity and honor, for the country’s future, and for getting rid of traitors. Because they understand that if the enemy enters the country, he’s not going to ask your political stance, if you were left or right.
That is why I call on all political parties: reconcile with each other and embrace each other. Join hands and complete the other. We need to do this all together. I and the entire committee are ready to meet with all political powers. Any political power may approach us. It is only by acting in harmony that we will resolve our situation.
We must act in unison to defeat this demon. He’s not even a demon, he’s a cockroach. One small, meaningless person who ruined an entire country. And still standing there, he allows himself to talk about independence. I see people here tonight with whom we led the movement for independence, when he was still a snot-nosed brat. And now he’s telling us how it’s done. What the hell does he know about independence? He wants to turn Armenia into his own little bazaar.
We lived in a country and didn’t understand all of the great things it had. We were always complaining. Our complaints were honest ones. Because there was a lot of injustice in our country that we opposed. But remember, what a country we had: Armenia with Artsakh. The victorious army. Our friendly, good relations with Russia and America, China, Iran and France.
What is left of all that? Today, countries treat us with the pity you give an orphan. They do not view us as an equal.
When the 1988 Movement came into power, we also had decided to have a balanced foreign policy. We said we are going to have relations with Turkey. During Levon’s time, we had those relations. In Kocharyan’s time, there were closed meetings in Switzerland. In Serzh’s time, we had the protocols. It is not a new idea to talk to your neighbor.
But how was Turkey talking to us?
With respect.
The Turks love strength. They look down on the weak. We were strong, and now we’re weak. It is pointless for the weak to approach Turks. You must be strong to have these relations.
There will be a power change. At any cost. It would be a shame for this government to remain. But I prefer the legal way so that the new government will not have a problem in the international arena.
Now there’s a question, which way should it go. The committee is not a political party; there are many opinions. When I talk to people from different political parties and movements, I see they are fighting amongst each other. They don’t like each other. They compete with each other. But they all have the same dream. To have an independent, protected, powerful Armenia, where the power belongs to the people and where life is just. Where people have the opportunity to build a livelihood. To be proud in front of the world. And to progress along with other countries of the world. They all share this dream and this vision. But they see different paths.
It is impossible to include all currents in this committee. I suggest they create a forum for coordination, because we are about to paralyze the capital.
These coming three days — Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday — all of Armenia is going to be paralyzed. From 8:00 to 11:00 for sure. The last remaining leg the authorities have to stand on is the police. As we know there are two levels of the police: there are the normal police officers who live here with their families and are also opposed to this government. And then there are these wild creatures, and I don’t know where they find them.
Whoever opposes the people must be destroyed. That section of the police must be worn down. As soon as they’re worn down the power is going to fall. It doesn’t matter what happens in Parliament there is no power anymore. We will only need the parliament when will be forming this new government. That’s why today we will all be moving toward the police department. We will not meet them, and we do not need to meet them. We’re just going there to show our power; to show them you are filming us, but we are also filming you. Your children are going to see those photos and be ashamed of you.
Tomorrow, starting from 8:00 we’re going to be paralyzing the state institutions. I know it’s early, but but we need you there at 8:00 so that the state institutions cannot start their day and function. So the system will fall. Same thing with the provinces. Ishkhan Saghatelyan will go into the details of the process next. The overall principal, however, is as follows: paralyze the Republic for three days. If the Civil Contract MPS don’t come to their senses, we will start explaining to them one by one. One by one to make them understand well. We will go to them with a lot of people.
People — victory is ours.
Our state is a young child. It’s been around for a short time, he doesn’t know much. Sometimes he slips and sometimes he believes in ridiculous things. All states have gone through this. The child needs to fall a few times to to learn how to walk without tripping. I think that after overthrowing Nikol, when we form the new government, we must also establish new systems of oversight. We don’t know what’s in store. But we will already be more mature. And the next time we will not fall into this trap.
I salute you people, I am proud of you. We are one of the most powerful peoples of the world. We have given a lot to the world.
And there are times when the world is not so generous in return.


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